Freetour Upgrade Kit

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Please note kits will be shipping March 1st.
Created to be the highest performing Alpine Touring option for both the up and the down. The Freetour Upgrade Kit, is a set of components designed by Cast to be added to alpine bindings as an aftermarket upgrade. The Freetour features an integrated quick release mechanism, which allows the system to utilize lightweight tech touring toe pieces for climbing or switch to full alpine bindings for skiing. If you're tired of risking your knees by locking your tech bindings, this is your solution. If you are tired of lugging around a frame binding to save your knees, this is also your solution. Why not keep the safety, durability, and feel of an alpine binding while also the lightweight efficiency of a tech binding? Simply put the system provides better release and retention characteristics than any other touring binding available while providing the freedom and touring efficiency of a low tech pin style binding. The Freetour Upgrade kit will only work with 18 Din Binding.  Our System  will not work with the plastic toe housing of the 14 or 12 DIN Bindings.  Want to get your whole quiver rolling we have 2nd ski kits available for just $100.
We are still working out sourcing bindings for Cast customers for this season.
Once the kit is installed the specifications for the upgraded bindings are as follows:
  • Stand height of 20mm.
  • Both an alpine ISO 5355 standard AFD version and a WTR AFD version. 
  • Weight: 2000 grams touring weight per pair.
  • Climbing bails for flat, 8 and 12.5 degrees.


The assembled Freetour features 28mm vertical heel travel and 45mm lateral toe travel The Freetour also features multidirectional release making it the safest and most reliable binding on the market.


The Freetour features a low stand height of 20mm above the ski. The low stand height, short mounting zone, and elastic travel give the binding the best ski feel available.


The use of our super light tech toe reduces touring weight to a minimum, at just 2000 grams. Using a pintech toe piece allows for the most efficient skinning stride and has zero lifted weight on the heel. The tech toe allows for fluid kick turns, gliding, and side hilling.  This will consistently save energy during the approach.


The climbing aids can be easily activated with a ski pole between flat, 8 degree, and 12.5 degree climbing modes. 


This simple and robust locking mechanism allows for fast transitioning between alpine and touring mode. Both the tech toe and alpine toe slide on and autolock into position. The tech toe has a secondary lock mechanism when stepped into with a boot. This secondary lock creates zero play and reduces stress on the primary lock while touring, increasing hardware longevity. The tech and alpine toes are released with a low-profile slider switch.


An integrated clip on the tech toe lets you easily slide on ski crampons. 


 We offer both an alpine ISO 5355 standard AFD and a WTR AFD that are easily interchanged without tools using a quick clip mechanism.

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