The CAST Boot Conversion allows you to keep rocking the alpine boots you know and love, while adding tech compatibility for super-efficient touring. Please read on to make sure we can modify your boots and get them back to you in a timely manner.

How to get started with a boot conversion

  1. MAKE SURE WE CAN MODIFY YOUR BOOT See details below
  2. PURCHASE A BOOT CONVERSION You can do that here
  3. SHIP US YOUR BOOTS with name and order number inside of the box.
  4. CAST WILL ADD TECH INSERTS to your ski boots and ship them back.

Boots we can Modify

Any hard soled boot or plug boot. The Freetour Upgrade Kit is all the components that will make those trusty pivots touring capable. You or a shop just have to upgrade your stock Look Pivot toe piece, mount them, and you’re dialed.

Boots with Alpine (ISO 5355) replaceable soles on them. We will modify those soles and your boots for tech compatibility. Our standard conversion maintains ISO 5355 so your boots will test and function properly in all your alpine bindings.

Boots with Gripwalk (ISO 23223) replaceable soles on them. We will modify those soles and your boots for tech compatibility. Our standard conversion maintains ISO 23223 so your boots will test and function properly in all your alpine bindings that are compatible with Gripwalk soled boots. Please note we do have to modify the soles slightly to fit into our CNC machine.

Kids boots with ISO 5355 Type A soles. The A stands for an adult sole. These are generally kids boots mondo size 21.5 and bigger. Check the bottom of the boot to find these specs.

Common Boots we Modify are…Atomic Hawx, Dalbello Panterra or Krypton, All Full Tilt Boots, Tecnica Mach1*, Salomon Max* or Pro*, Lange RX, LX, or RS. We modify other boots as well; these are just the most common. *Older version of these boots might have a replaceable LUG that we cannot modify

Gripwalk Sole Modification

We are now able to modify most boots that have a Gripwalk sole on them. Depending on the replacement Gripwalk sole we will have to modify the sole slightly to fit in our CNC Machine.

Already have Cast converted boots and need replacement soles?

If you already have Cast converted boots and need replacement soles, please email us at and we can put together an order to ensure you get the correct boot soles.

$60 for Cast stock replacement soles and custom Full Tilt soles. $90 for all other custom soles and GripWalk soles.

Boots we cannot Modify

Any boot with a glued Vibram sole like older, non-tech AT boots, Telemark boots or Mountaineering boots.

Kids boots with an ISO 5355 Type C sole. The C stands for child sole. These boots are generally kids boots smaller than a 21.5 mondo size.

Boots where the whole toe lug comes off. A toe lug is where the whole toe comes off versus a replaceable sole. Some examples of these boots are boots from Salomon, Tecnica, or Black Diamond from around 2015 or older.

All DaleBoots | All Snowboard Boots

Bindings that modified boots work with

The Cast Boot Conversion is designed and will only work with the Cast Freetour Pivot/Freetour Upgrade Kit, Shift, or Marker Duke PT.

Our tech inserts are only designed to work for uphill travel. This means they cannot be used for downhill. Some examples of bindings our tech inserts do NOT work with would be the Marker Kingpin or Fritschi Tecton.

With the Purchase of a Pivot Freetour/Freetour Upgrade Kit you will receive a 30% discount off your Boot Conversion. Already purchased the Freetour...send proof of purchase to and we can send you a discount code to receive the 30% discount off the Boot Conversion.

Does anyone else modify boots?

Yes, we have partnered with four other retailers around the world this year. We have these shops listed below and on our retailer list. Reach out to them directly to schedule your boot conversion. Prices on boot conversion can very between shops.

Pjäxgaraget - Karolinervägen 101, 837 71 Duved, Sweden

Sole Boot Lab - 14 Chemin des Pouvolles, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Ski Connexions - #110-4341 Village Lane, Whistler BC V8E 1M9

Åre Skidsport - Årevägen 88, 837 52 Åre, Sweden

Want to do the boot conversion yourself?

We do offer all the parts for sale for you to convert your boots yourself. We do not recommend this as this is a very involved process. We have two videos below outlining the process. We highly recommend watching these videos before attempting to convert your ski boots. If you feel you can perform this modification yourself, please email us at to place an order.