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Freetour Second Ski Kit

Use your Cast Freetour Pivot 15 or 18 bindings on multiple sets of skis at a lower cost. No need to buy extra hardware. This kit includes the Cast Freetour brake retainer with the climbing bails and the toe shim with the shoulder screws. It does not include our tech toe or alpine pedestal as you should already have these with your Freetour Upgrade Kit or Cast Freetour Pivot 15 or 18 bindings. If you have another full set of Look Pivot 15s or 18s and would like to add Toe Pedestals in order to have two full alpine sets, purchase those here. If you are still confused about the Second Ski Kit please visit our How It Works page for more info.


Warning: Mounting and Testing

All bindings must be properly adjusted to the users boot sole length, height, weight, and release preference. The ski/boot/binding system must then be tested with the user's boots in accordance with industry standards before use, to ensure proper function.

If you are not a properly trained ski technician with the proper tools and a jig, you must have your bindings mounted by an authorized Look® or Cast® dealer.