How the Second Ski Kit Works

The Second Ski Kit is a great option to get multiple skis set up to tour on, for a low price. No need to buy extra hardware. The Second Ski Kit includes the Freetour brake retainers, climbing bails, toe shims, and the shoulder screws (for a pair of skis). It does not include our Tech Toe or Alpine Pedestals as you should already have these with your Freetour Upgrade Kit and can easily swap them between skis.

Here is what is needed for the Second Ski Kit

  1. Start with The Freetour Upgrade Kit.
    The Freetour Upgrade Kit contains the Tech Toes and Alpine Pedestals that will be needed for the Second Ski Kit.
  2. A second pair of Look Pivot Heels.
    This is the ideal setup for the Second Ski Kit to work.
  3. Purchase the Second Ski Kit.
    *You can do this here
  4. Install your Second Ski Kit.
    Same mounting process as the Freetour Upgrade Kit, either you or your local ski shop can do this. Watch the tutorials here.

    Warning: If you are not a properly trained ski technician with the proper tools and a jig, you must have your bindings mounted by an authorized Look or Cast dealer.
  5. Grab the right ski for the conditions.
    Enjoy multiple touring-ready ski setups.

    Warning: All bindings must be properly adjusted to the users boot sole length, height, weight, and release preference. The ski/boot/binding system must then be tested with the user's boots in accordance with industry standards before use, to ensure proper function.

Second Ski Kit Tech Details

Another set of Look Pivot heels is needed, as these are not easy to move around between the skis, like the toe pieces. 

If you do not have a second set of Look Pivot heels it is possible to swap those using a product like Heli Coils, Quiver Killers, or Binding Freedom Inserts, which allow you to unscrew the heels and move them to another set of skis. We only recommend doing this for the heels and as a last resort. Installing inserts for the toes is NOT recommended because they need to be exact to allow the swapping of toes.

In addition to the Second Ski Kit, some people will purchase an extra set of Alpine Pedestals and AFDs. This will allow you to have two full setups and share one pair of tech toes between the two pairs of skis. This option is also convenient if you have two pairs of boots with different sole standards. You can then dedicate each set of toe pedestals with the correct AFDs to the corresponding pair of boots.

Second Ski Kit Components

  • The Second Ski Kit includes all of the components needed to add touring capabilities to a 2nd pair of skis. Does NOT include the Alpine Pedestal, Tech Toes, or Look Pivot heels.
  • A pair of brake retainers and bails for flat, 8°, and 12° climbing options.
  • A pair of toe shims
  • All of the hardware you will need to mount the kit.