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BSMP Mohair Mix Ski Skins – ASSEMBLED

The BSMP Assembled Mohair Ski Skins are a 65/35 mohair/nylon mix skin that will take you further in the mountains than anything else. Fast, light, grippy, and durable, these are the best skins on the planet for everyday use. These skins come with tips and tails already attached for easy setup.

Tested from Antarctica to Denali to 8,000m in the Himalaya, these skins optimize speed, grip, and durability in the mountains. These skins are built with ski-mountaineering in mind where weight and speed are important, but reliability is still essential. This skin is as light and foldable as those from our leading competitors, is faster out of the box, and is far more durable. Combined with our self-renewing, non-toxic glue, these skins will never fail you no matter how many transitions you put them through.

Package Includes

  • Pair of 65/35 Mohair/Nylon mix ski skin pair at your chosen width and length in black, with a tail tapper
  • Pre-Assembled Quick-Snap Tail Connectors and Wire Tip Connectors
  • Skin Wax
  • Trimming Instructions
  • BSMP Sticker
  • Optional Trim Tool

Skin Width: 125mm
Ski Length: 175cm-195cm