Alpine Toe Conversion

Alpine Toe Conversion

What you will need: 

#3 Pozidrive or Large Flathead Screwdriver


STEP 1. Unscrew the front release value adjustment screw completely. With this screw released you will be able to pull apart the spring components of the toe piece.


STEP 2. Exploded View. These are the interior components of the toe piece in the order they come apart and should go back together after swapping the toe pedestal component. You need to shake the white nylon washer out of the front of the toe housing to make it easier to remove the toe pedestal and connected through rod from the back of the toe housing. You may need to use a flathead to gently pry between the housing and the top of the square end of the through rod.


STEP 3. Reinsert the through rod into the Cast toe pedestal. Slide the thin shim on in front of the pedestal in the orientation shown above.


STEP 4. If the front assembly comes apart while disassembling, here is a close view of the order to reassemble those components. Note the thin metal washer in front of the spring and orientation of the white nylon washer behind the spring.


STEP 5. Insert the Cast pedestal with through rod and metal shim into the Look Pivot toe housing. Slide the white nylon washer onto the through rod from the front making sure it is seated within the toe housing properly. The spring can be helpful for pushing this into place.

STEP 6. Slide the front components into the toe housing and use the screwdriver to screw the release value adjustment screw back in fully. Reset the release value.