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Freetour Upgrade Instructions

Toe Pedestal Component Install

Here is a step-by-step photo sequence for disassembling a binding and installing our Freetour Upgrade Kit toe pedestal component. The rest of the installation/mounting entails mounting the heel piece as normal, the brake lock/climbing bail mechanism with two added holes in front of the heel piece and a toe shim fastened with four shoulder screws. Here are the mounting instructions.

You will need a #3 posidrive or large flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the front release value adjustment screw completely. With this screw released you will be able to pull apart the spring components of the toe piece. 
 Expoded View. These are the interior components of the toe piece in the order they come apart and should go back together after swapping the toe pedestal component. You do need to pull the black plastic washer out of the front of the toe housing in order to make it easier to remove the toe pedestal and connected through rod out of the back of the housing.
 Reinsert the through rod into the Cast toe pedestal. Slide the thin shim on in front of the pedestal in the orientation shown above.
 If the front assembly comes apart while disassembling here is a close view of the order to reassemble those components.
 Reassemble the components in the correct order making sure the black plastic washer and metal shim are correctly oriented.
Use the screwdriver to screw the release value adjustment screw back in fully. This may take some pressure to gently compress the spring as you engage the screw threads. Reset the release value. Go ski powder!