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Boot Conversion

CAST Boot Conversion allows you to keep rocking the alpine boots you know and love, while adding tech compatibility for super efficient touring.  If you have replaceable soles we will modify those soles and your boots for tech compatibility.  If you have a hard soled boot, we throw on custom rubber tread lifters for better grip and protection. This means you won’t have to replace your boots just cause the soles start wearing thin.  ISO 5355 norm, for alpine bindings, is maintained so they will test and function properly in all your alpine bindings.

Please note that if you have replaceable soles, make sure they are new before sending your boots in.  You do not want to modify worn down toes and heels.  We only modify Alpine (ISO 5355) toes and heels.  We can not modify GripWalk soles except for on the Tecnica Mach 1.

The Cast Boot Conversion is designed and will only work with the Cast Freetour Pivot/Freetour Upgrade Kit, Shift, or Marker Duke PT.

NEW:  We now offer our conversion with Gripwalk or Alpine soles for hard soled boots and the Tecnica Mach 1.  All other boots we still offer the Alpine sole option.

If you already have Cast converted boots and need replacement soles, please email us at and we can put together an order to ensure you get the correct boot soles.

  • $60 for Cast stock replacement soles and custom Full Tilt soles.
  • $90 for all other custom soles and GripWalk soles

Purchase the Boot Conversion with the Freetour Pivot/Freetour Upgrade Kit and receive a 30% Discount on the Boot Conversion. Already purchased a Freetour, send a proof of purchase to to receive a discount code for your Boot Conversion.

Sole: Standard