Look Pivot 18 WTR AFD

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Finally Available!!

We have been talking with Look and working on making this product available for a while. These Teflon Anti Friction Devices (AFD)s replace the stock AFDs and create the proper toe height and ramp angle to ensure proper release when using Walk To Ride (WTR) soles. They sit under the pedestal of the Pivot toe and are attached via the mounting screws. No moving parts to break and no gimmicky mechanisms.

The WTR norm is the the ISO 9523 touring boot standard shape with added AFD to create a boot binding interface with a safe reliable release and the traction and comfort of a touring boot.

These AFD's will allow the Pivot 18s to fit any touring boot on the market, those that are not WTR certified should be tested by your local shop to check proper release.