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What alpine bindings does the Freetour Upgrade Kit work with?

The FREETOUR is designed as an aftermarket upgrade to add touring capabilities to the most trusted and reliable bindings in skiing. The kit will work with bindings that LOOK like the ones pictured and utilized a PIVOTing heel piece to provide a release value range of 8-18.

Does the 14 or 12 work?

No. Our design uses the all metal toe housing and lower single cam pedestal style, with a max release value of 15 or 18.

Will my boots work with the Freetour Upgrade Kit?

The FREETOUR is available with any combination of AFDs to fit all three major boot norms. ALPINE, WTR, and GripWalk.

Can I do the toe pedestal conversion on my own?

Yes. All you need is a #3 Posidrive screwdriver or large Flathead screwdriver. Here is a link to the TECH PAGE to see what the conversion entails. 

What AFD should I order for my boots?

The ALPINE AFDs will fit all alpine boots that meet ISO 5355, this includes boots that have CAST’s tech conversion. WTR AFDs will fit Walk to Ride boots, they are also sized to accommodate boots that meet ISO 9523 touring boot standard. However, the release and retention characteristics of these boots will be affected by the boot’s sole material and tread pattern. GripWalk AFDs will fit all boots with GripWalk soles. Due to the limited overlap between ALPINE and GripWalk geometry, we chose to design these AFDS to create maximum energy transfer specifically for the GripWalk norm, as a result, they will not work with ALPINE boots.

Can you add tech inserts to my boots?

It is very likely we can add tech inserts to your alpine boots. We can do any boot with a solid sole or removable alpine lifter. We cannot do boots where the entire toe lug is swappable or full vibram touring norm 9523 soles. The easiest way to insure that we can do your boots is to send us an email with the boot model and a photo of the sole.

Will the boot conversion work with the Shift?

Yes. They will not work with any other tech bindings that use the tech fittings for downhill skiing, including the Kingpin. 

What is the hole pattern of the Freetour Kit?

The Freetour Kit uses the same hole pattern as the bindings they are made to work with. With an additional two holes added just in front of the heel to mount the heel block. A template will be included with your kit to locate these holes.



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