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Ski Boot Conversion

CAST boot conversion allows you to keep rocking the alpine boots you know and love, while adding tech compatibility for super efficient touring. We even throw on custom rubber tread lifters for better grip and protection. This means you won't have to replace your boots just cause the soles start ...

Replacement soles

Keep those boots looking fresh with a new set of our custom replaceable rubber tread lifters.

Custom Replacement Soles

We stock custom cut soles for the following boots. Lange Rossi RX and XT and All Tracks, Dalebello Lupo or Panterra and Full Tilt boots with replaceable soles. If you have a boot conversion on one of these boots and need to replace the soles order them here. Leave us a note specifying which boots...

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T Shirt

Add a little CAST swag to your order

Sticker Pack

We try to throw a few of these in every order but if you need a few more to help show your CAST pride here they are.

Ski Crampons

Claws for your feet, for when those early morning skin tracks get a bit too firm.

Look Pivot 18 WTR AFD

Finally Available!! We have been talking with Look and working on making this product available for a while. These Teflon Anti Friction Devices (AFD)s replace the stock AFDs and create the proper toe height and ramp angle to ensure proper release when using Walk To Ride (WTR) soles. They sit unde...